The Ersdal method (Ersdal Zone Therapy - EZT) was developed by the Norwegian, Charles Ersdal (1939-95). Charles Ersdal, earlier in his life, was in charge of a large mechanical factory. After being under much stress at work, he suffered serious stroke. This turned his life upside down.  With the help of zone therapy and other natural medicine treatments, he overcame his ailments, and this aroused his interest in natural medicine. He then started his education around 1970 to become a practitioner in natural medicine.

Ersdal had high demands for results, and therefore he started to register and systematize the zone system on the feet. Ersdal divided, the foot into four sections (A outer, B upper, C underneath and D inside).

Through years of study, he created a significantly more accurate and nuanced system for practicing zone therapy. Contrary to earlier perception of zone therapy, Ersdal rejected for example own zones for migraine or colds etc. Instead, he developed a zone system where also the tissue between the zones of the respective organs was emphasized. Not only the location of the signals, but also how we reach the different signals. Thus, he also laid the groundwork that zone therapy could become a more precise and effective method of diagnosis and treatment.  Another important matter within EZT, is how we look at zone therapy as a treatment of the entirety.  In most cases we treat the entirety after certain patterns.  In that way, we get more energetic flow in the body.  This flow makes a significantly better effect if it’s done correct. 

This treatment is detailed described in Charles Ersdal main work; The complete treatment system.  This has brought zone therapy from being a "simple" form of therapy, to become a very detailed treatment method.  Charles Ersdal did research in zone therapy to improve the treatment for the rest of his life.  After his death, the firm Ersdal & Varpe Ans is in charge of further development and education of the method.

The Ersdal method (EZT) is known in several countries outside Norway and the Nordic region, and Ersdal itself appears to be one of the largest authorities in zone therapy. Considering how extensive zone therapy is as a treatment model, this says a lot about Ersdal's status in the natural medicine.


United States

Charles Ersdal was starting up teaching zone therapy in the United States in 1989. This is considered by many, as "when the zone therapy came to the United States". In 2014, a zone therapy congress was held under the direction of Utah Foot Zone Association. Here, a large part of the congress was dedicated that it was 25 years since Charles Ersdal brought the zone therapy to America. Several previous students of Charles's were having presentations. Memorial speeches were also held in honor of Charles.  Terje Varpe was especially invited to the conference and was one of the main speakers in the memorial session.


Terje Varpe

When Charles Ersdal started education of practitioners of zone therapy at the European College of Natural Medicine in 1977, Terje Varpe was one of the students. He graduated as one the best students and worked close to and became Charles's assistant in later education. And when Charles Ersdal passed away, it was natural that Terje continued the teaching of future practitioners. This work led to the establishment of the company

Ersdal & Varpe Ans


Ersdal & Varpe Ans was founded 2001. This company is run by, in addition to Terje Varpe, Charles Ersdal's son Robert and daughter-in-law Tonje, both with a lot of practice in the method. This company takes care or the further development of the method.  Several schools which teach out of EZT different places in the world have an agreement with Ersdal & Varpe.  Today, Terje Varpe is the leader of the company.


Use zone therapy and die healthy

Charles Ersdal