Ersdal & Varpe Ans

The ultimate zone therapy?




is maybe the most developed zone therapy method in the world.  The method is developed by Charles Ersdal during almost 30 years of research.  He developed zone therapy from a simple way of treating people to a highly developed art of therapy.

The further development of the method is now taken care of by Terje Varpe, one of Charles Ersdals` first students. 




Charles son, Robert, and his daughter in law, Tonje Ersdal together with Terje Varpe, who worked together with Charles since the early 1980s. established a company to take care of Charles work and also take care of the furter development of the method.


Ersdal & Varpe Ans has since 2001 taken care of the further devlopment of EZT.  With the basis of Charles Ersdals original material, we go further in developing his genius work.   

We also take care of the education of the new practitioners and profesional updating of old practitioners. 

In Norway, the education and updating are taken care of by Tunsberg Medical School (www.tunmed.no)

In Finland, the education is taken care of by Veikko Mäkinen and Sami Saviainen.  Updating courses is taken care of by Suomen Vyöhyketerapeutut ry. (www.suomenvyohyketerapeutit.fi)

In 2018, Michael Aldana was authorized as an instructor of E.Z.T. He was one of Dr. Ersdal’s original, fully trained, therapists from this time. Michael is now approved to represent the official, certified E.Z.T. system in the U.S.A and Canada.  The education is taken care of by Natural Health and Research Center.